Greater Lehigh Valley Paranormal Investigation Team

Gretchen Gross - Founder

  My name is Gretchen and I am a part time supervisor for an early learning center, yes I have a job outside of investigating! I have two children who keep me very busy. They love to hit each other and say they didn't do it. I enjoy funny movies and I fall... a lot.

I became interested in the paranormal at a young age (in my early teens). My first experience involved me waking early one morning to see our passed dog sitting next to my bed. She was just sitting in a very proud position. I reached out to pet her and she vanished with my hand about two inches from touching her. You would think an experience like this would have startled me, but it didn't. It was very calm and peaceful. In fact, it made me want to learn more what was out there beyond our physical world.

After that, I had more experiences with the supernatural fueling my interest even more. Lucky for me, when I was on maternity leave with my son in 2005, SyFy had an all day marathon on of a new show called Ghost Hunters. I was completely drawn in and could not stop watching. My husband called me crazy, but laughed the whole time because he knew I was hooked. As the show became more popular, I found friends and family opening up and talking more freely about the unknown. I had no idea so many people shared the same interest!! I was not crazy! Well, some may beg to differ...

Now, in my 30's, I am more interested than ever. In 2009 I started a group with my brother, Andy. It was only natural. We fit as a team, we finish each otherís sentences and we share the same interest. We called ourselves The Greater Lehigh Valley Paranormal Investigation Team (only fitting since we grew up and are from the area). Our main goal is to help those in need or give answers that many homeowners have, "Is my house haunted?" We use a scientific approach to our findings and provide homeowners with all, if any, evidence found. With this field growing we are looking to collaborate with other teams because we feel that more are better than one. And hey, they may know something we don't! So, happy hunting to all and to all a goodnight.....

Andy Brinker - Founder

  My name is Andy and I am a Network Technician by day and a paranormal investigator on the side. I also do Civil War reenacting and into Civil War history. I am also GLVPITís webmaster.

I couldnít say I had the same experience as early with the paranormal as my sister did in my life but I always had the feeling that someone is always watching over us. Plus, I like to take the technical approach where having something either on video or audio as hard evidence of the occurrence. My first hand experience with the paranormal was at the Sun Inn back in 2009. My sister and I were sitting on the floor in the attic and out of nowhere we hear heavy breathing like someone just ran up the stairs and was standing in front of us but they could not be seen. We both looked at each other and I was looking around at everyone else thinking why would they be out of breath? After that, I was pretty much hooked, plus watching several different ghost hunting shows over the years helped push me in that direction. The biggest curiosity I get doing an investigation is trying to find answers and the other thing is maybe we will never know the answer to why they exist. Iíve read so many reasons why they are here but may never find the truth. Technology I think at this point is kind of still in its infancy stages but we are slowly making progress on the quality of both the audio and video. As we all know that spirits are all made of energy and possibly one day we will have better technical instruments to gather evidence of the paranormal.

If you think your home is haunted and you are looking for a paranormal investigation group to check out your location, you have come to the right place. Just send us an e-mail and we will get in touch. Any evidence we find we will give you a hard copy on disc.

Kevin Hojecki - Investigator

  I became interested in the paranormal after my Dad had passed away. One night while I laid in bed, there was a black shadow looking around the door. The shadow never came near me and I knew no one was physically there. Growing up I watched paranormal specials on tv. This lead to investigating with friends, we would go to old abandon homes we heard might be haunted and check them out. When I got older, I joined a local group in Bethlehem, Pa. Later, I started a team with friends in Boyertown, Pa. We, as a team, take it seriously. I would have to say personally I like to have fun and joke about my life experiences and the spirits that might be around. For example, one funny personal experience was during a ghost hunt tour. In between groups I was using the restroom. The water to the sink, ironically enough, turned on by itself. I stood there for a moment looking around and laughing because I left my video camera upstairs to charge. Go figure...

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