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Below is a basic list of some of the equipment that we use during an investigation and explanation of its use.
(The equipment that we use may not appear exactly as some of the picture examples shown on this page).

Our team likes to use an array of electronic equipment depending on the situation/environment that we are trying to gather evidence. Also knowing the history and having an open mind during an investigation will help out with the outcome of any possible responses by the supernatural depending if it is an intelligent haunt.

FLASHLIGHT:  Most common and essential tool for any investigator. Due to the fact that the majority of investigations are in the dark, a flashlight is required to get you around. It can also be used if you have a push button or twist on/off in a Q/A session to see if you get any responses. Note: It is not the most reliable but can be tried as an experiment.

DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER (DVR):  One of the must have if you are a paranormal investigator. Earthbound spirits are picked up on the recorder if present due to the fact that the audio range is at a different frequency than a human can hear (20HZ to 20,000HZ). It is said that EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena) occur in the 200HZ + or - range of the audio spectrum. When picking out a Digital Recorder, make sure you pick one that has a lot of storage, easy PC connectivity (USB) and has an high quality recording setting. Always check out the tech specifications.

DIGITAL CAMERA:  Digital camera is another great tool for capturing apparitions, orbs and other light anomalies. Most orbs are ruled out as dust particles. Today, digital cameras have made technological advancements to have it possible to capture quality images than from the earlier days of photography where the picture was a little more grainer. Good thing to watch out for is a lot of dust, check your environment for the type of weather is occurring which can cause effects with your pictures. Also look out for lens flares.

K2/EMF METER:  EMF (electro-magnetic field) Meter is another great tool to measure magnetic fields. It is claimed that the ghosts energy use this field between 50Hz to 60Hz which is outside of most household devices. The K2 and EMF meters measure this field, the K2 has LED indicators and the EMF meter gives you a digital readout. It is good to get a base readout of a room or area that you are in. Cordless phones, wireless devices, microwaves, unshielded wiring and other hardwired electronics can also give off high readings.

MEL METER:  The Mel Meter is a combination of a EMF Meter "explained above" and a digital thermometer. The device also has the capability to record minimum and maximum values. Temperature fluctuations or "Cold Spots" can be measured with this device. Cold spots are created when a ghost tries to draw the energy out of the air causing this to occur. An example is if you ever used a can of canned air and use it for awhile the outside of the can gets cold due to the release of the air.

MINI DV VIDEO CAMERA:  Handheld digital video recorders are a great tool to capture any possible apparitions, movement of objects and audio to backup any personal claims. The camera must have night vision capabilities. An IR illuminator is also required to film in total darkness. It is believed you can capture spirits in this wavelength of light. There are also newer cameras out there that cover the other end of the spectrum in UV. The human eye can only see things in the middle of the spectrum and these cameras can cover either end which the human eye can not.

DVR SYSTEM:  DVR (Digital Video Recorder) System can record hours and hours of video onto a built in hard drive and can be accessed later. Normally they are used for security purposes but paranormal investigators started to use them if you plan on covering a large area with IR static cameras instead of using handheld cameras. The cameras get connected to the DVR system. Depending on the DVR box, you can connect anywhere from 4 to 6 cameras on most models. The box also requires a VGA screen or monitor to view the video.

GHOSTBOX:  A ghostbox produces white noise and scans through different frequencies to pick up a possible spirit. With this combination, it is supposed to make it easier for the spirit to manipulate to communicate easier. This is due to the fact they are made up of energy. Things to consider is that this is not the most reliable piece of equipment due to possible radio station interference. Try and listen for full sentences and consistent tones of voice.

REM-POD:  A REM-POD is another form of an EMF tool. Instead of measuring the Electro-Magnetic Field, it radiates it in an outward radius. If a spirit or person breaks the field, it will activate the lights and audible alarms. It is good to use a REM-POD in a static location where you would think would be the most traveled to try and get any responses.

GEOPHONE:  A geophone is a device that converts ground movement into voltage, then transferred to any lighted or audible system as an indicator. It is normally used to pick-up seismic responses from the earth but paranormal researchers started to use them to get responses from movement of a possible spirit. They can be very sensitive, so be aware of your surroundings.

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