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  Paranormal is generally a phenomena that sometimes can not be explained in the scope of normal scientific understanding. Even as an investigator, there are things that are above the norm that you may never find the answer to the cause. Technology used in the field today is making advancements but is still in its infancy stages. From digital video recorders, digital voice recorders, ghost boxes, EMF meters, IR static night vision cameras, full spectrum cameras, thermal imager, and even as basic as dowsing rods are some of the equipment used by investigators today. Generally there are different types of haunts that can occur at a location that are explained below. Due to the nature of the haunts, experiments are conducted to gather evidence of a possible haunt. Most earthbound spirits do not respond on queue and some locations may have more activity than others. Sometimes when you leave a location you feel disappointed that you may not have had any personal experiences but the fun part will be reviewing your evidence.


  • Normally intelligent haunts are a result of earthbound spirits that are willing to interact with you by either responding to your questions or visually if possible. One of the ways to find out is after reviewing your evidence, you get a direct response to your question upon asking. Normally there is a long pause after the question before an answer due to it takes a lot of energy for the spirit to do this.

  • Residual haunts are basically a recording of a spirit that repeats itself over and over like a recording. Sometimes when you get footsteps at a certain time and it happens again at the exact same time will indicate a residual haunt. Objects that were attached to a person can also cause this such as furniture or personal things.

  • This is a type of haunt that you do not want to have. It is normally associated with demons/poltergeists. Ouija boards are also not recommended. Even though it is a game, it can invite unwanted activity that can cause a inhuman presence.

    Example of orbs (clear enviroment)

    Example of orbs (clear enviroment)

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